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Headaches of all
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There are many types of headaches that vary in causes, severity, and duration. Some are episodic and some are chronic. At the Center for Headache Care, we diagnose and treat the most common headache types that require more than over-the-counter drugs. These include Migraine, Tension and Cluster headaches. more >

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Women & Migraines?

Migraine headache is a chronic inflammatory disease, which is experienced by about 18 % of American women and 6% of men. more >

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Recognized “Top Doc”

R. Michael Gallagher brings 35 years of experience to Melbourne and is a recognized authority in headache research and treatment, and medical education. He is the author of over 100 medical articles, 20 medical book chapters and 2 books. He has been a ‘Top Doctor’ in numerous magazines including “Philadelphia”, “South Jersey”, and “SJ” magazine and is the recipient of numerous honored fellowships and awards. more >

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  • Headache specialist consulting with patients, primary care physicians, sports medicine specialists and neurologists
  • Recognized as top doc in NE publications and National Headache Foundation
  • Board certification in Headache Management
  • Treated professional sports athletes in the NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL more >